Videos on Hand Expression of Breastmilk

Thanks to All who made it out to last month’s Baby Steps, as promised I wanted to put up some resources about Breastfeeding that were given to me by Jessiquita Madrid, who is a wealth of knowledge on all things milk.

First here are three videos on hand expression of breastmilk which relates to the conversation about various Breast pumps etc which can be used to express milk. Some people find hand expression more straighforward and productive, hope this video helps explain how that works.

This first video is a bit long, but very detailed.

This second video was made by a mom.  Note that her technique isn’t necessarily ideal (fingers sliding down breast can be sore after awhile), but the video is very realistic and approachable.

This super short video done by a lactation consultant, it’s quite well done given the short length.


Islands Wellness SocietyVideos on Hand Expression of Breastmilk