Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance

The VA Program operates Monday-Friday, and for crisis callouts. Call anytime to make an appointment or ask questions; confidentiality is assured. We understand and value your right to privacy and respect. As we transition our new staff into this role, should you require support, you can contact the 24/7, province-wide Victim Link line at 1-800- 563-0808 or email victimservices@islandswellness.com

In case of emergency, while this position is vacant, please call the local RCMP at 250-559-4421.


The mandate of Victim Services is to provide practical and emotional support to ALL victims of crime. We can liaise with justice personnel, attend court and meetings with you as an advocate, help navigate the justice system, provide referrals, and provide critical incident response and safety planning. We can  work with the community on issues of crime prevention, public awareness and educational programming.


Outreach is a program that coordinates with other agencies on-island to identify and address the service needs of women and their families. We endeavour to deliver culturally relevant public education and raise awareness around violence prevention, the effects of violence on women and children, and provide direct service through supportive listening as well as practical supports.

Transportation, advocacy, accompaniment to appointments, referrals, life skill development, safety planning and taking third party reports are all part of the program coordinator’s role.


Program Coordinator

Tara Lee Lee

As a settler, I was raised on 200 acres in a remote and isolated village, Kioshquabeconk (Coboconk) in Ontario on the Mississauga Lands and traditional territory covered by the Williams Treaties.

Living in the bush and surrounded by the wild, I grew roots for spaces that beckoned in harmonic nature. Naturally, this new transition, and relocation to Haida Gwaii was like coming home. Showing up with life experiences, like most of us, days past have not been easy ones. Those experiences created curiosity for diversified learnings in many wellness and advocacy areas. Within those varied teachings I found benefits for people looking to explore feelings, which in turn provided emotional movement. In one instance, I bridged self-guided healing work with horse heart cohesiveness. This was a unique coexisting union where words had no value, and feelings behind the words found release.

Aside from curiosity-based learning (and if I may add, years ago), I have worked in a transition home, victim services, and received training with the Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor Advocacy Program. I believe anything that attunes us towards our self, our community, and our Mother Nature, are steps in the direction to making the world right.

My biggest successes and biggest enjoyments…

  • Being a mom. It was a gift to live and learn with my 2 children, who are now adults. It brings me joy to remain Mom to my fur babies Jack, Jeanie, and Nelly.
  • I was the General Contractor on the recent build of my log home which was 100% off grid and on 50 treed acres.
  • Once a horse girl always a horse girl J
  • I LOVE horses, music, nature, trees, the waters, animals, chickens, birds, gardening, farming, and the smell of fresh cut hay.


My Predecessor “Bonnie Olson”

It’s hard to replace such a pillar of support in your community, a beacon within your safety web. Bonnie is an irreplaceable legacy. I do hold space and hands with you all during this time of grieving. I raise my hands to her, and I applaud the work she has accomplished and has become recognized for. I can agree she left too soon. If I may suggest, remember she is everywhere. Her existence is still prevalent and can be seen in the most remarkable people –


She has made a huge impression!

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