The Great Big Book of Feelings

ISBN: 978-1-84780-281-1

How are you feeling today?
The book opens with the question: “How are you feeling today?” And this leads on to a spread by spread presentation of a wide range of feelings, taken from the following:

* Happy * Sad * Excited * Bored * Interested * Embarrassed

* Lonely * In need of solitude * Looking forward to something

* Confused * Hurt * Scared * Relieved * Angry * Calm

* Shy * Confident * Jealous * Worried * Amazed/Surprised

* Lucky * Cheerful * Playful

The approach and design follows The Great Big Book of Families, with lots of different children in lots of different situations, brief text captions and questions and plenty of humor to make sure the book is fun, as well as dealing with a serious and important subject – human feelings.