#0323 Lovevery “The Charmer” Kit (3-4 months)

The Charmer Play Kit

Your baby may start to recognize your face – cooing at you, smiling and delighting everyone they meet. This Play Kit is designed to let your baby explore with their mouth, eyes, and hands as their personality emerges and their social awareness grows.

Develop speech and oral motor strength, encourage social awareness, practice using both sides of the brain, make the most of tummy time.

  • Wooden Rattle – Nothing beats a classic wooden rattle when learning to track sounds
  • Rolling Bell – Explore new ways to coordinate senses: feeling, seeing and hearing all at once
  • Mirror Card – Look at that adorable face in the mirror. Who is that?
  • “Talking” Book – Expose your baby to language with these fun “conversation” starters
  • Rubber Triangle Teether – Mouthing objects helps your baby get ready for speaking and new textures
  • Framed Mirror – A high quality mirror for gazing – a favourite at this age
  • Silicone Triple Teether & Organic Teething Cloth – Sensory, speech and oral motor development in three unique textures with sooting bamboo and cotton blend cloths
  • Soft Book – A tactile book that builds connections between seeing and feeling
  • Black & White Card Set – High-contrast images are riveting to your baby at this stage
  • Crinkle Bag – Practice making sounds – and learning about cause and effect
  • Hand-to-Hand Discs – Build motor skills and promote cross-body coordination
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