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Light Tablet with Accessories

A ¬†small sized version of a Light Table, toddlers can explore the way light, shapes, and colours interact by placing coloured paper, blocks, toys, leaves, and many other items on the tablet!¬†The brightness of the light pad is adjustable for you to get the desired brightness by gently pressing the touch switch for several seconds. The tracing table is only 1.5 pounds, so you can take it and use it anywhere. The light pad is also ideal for sewing projects, Sketching & Drawing, Stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Tattoo Transferring, Stained Glass, Quilting, etc. The light is the size of standard A4 paper: L14.2″ x W10.6″ x H0.2″

#0636 Light Tablet & GuideCraft Discovery Shapes

Discovery Shapes are an ideal way to help children exercise fine motor skills and promote colorful, fun-filled sensory exploration. These translucent, acrylic shapes and matching bases in 4 bright colors are great for individual or group play on a light board. Easily recognizable shapes of triangles, circles, squares, and plus signs nest in their corresponding tiles in four different colors. Children can engage in multiple sorting, matching and sequencing games that they will love to play using the chunky pieces and bright colors. Complete with 32 pieces total of shapes and bases to play with. Ages 3+.

#0637 Light Tablet & Animal X-Ray Matching Sheets

Real x-rays printed on clear, heavy duty plastic. Perfect for use on light tables. Up to 20cm x 25cm (8 x 10″). Includes idea guide. 13 x-rays.
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