Lego Ultimate Building Set

The LEGO Bricks & More Ultimate Building Set, with an assortment of LEGO bricks and other items, makes an excellent building tool kit for young children. It allows them to explore and develop their imagination. Featuring a set of 405 colorful brick pieces, a base plate, Lego mini-figures and some special house elements, this LEGO Ultimate Building Set is a wonderful and fun tool for teaching children a little something about building structures. They can make houses, cars, helicopters or boats with the wheel and house elements. This building block toy is good for children of four years and above and can keep them busy for a long time. Enhance the engineering skills of your child and give him or her a chance to explore with this set. Your kids can play with this on their own or with friends and siblings. Even mom and dad can join in on the fun. It is a wonderful tool for fostering the creativity of your little ones. See as they begin to create and reenact their own story lines with the toy.

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