Child and Youth Counselling Program

The islands wellness Society Child and Youth Counselling Program is designed to help children and youth, aged 3-18, who have been impacted by abuse and trauma within their homes, schools and communities. By working with children and youth, the PEACE program strives to assist in addressing the cycle of abuse by promoting healing and empowerment.

The Child and Youth Counselling Program considers the emotional, social, physical, behavioural, cultural and historical issues that surround each child and their family and engages in culturally sensitive and informed practice. The counsellor works in collaboration with clients in order to create a positive and healing therapeutic relationship.

Art, play, music and creative writing are some of the expressive therapeutic techniques that are used to work with children and youth. These modes have been proven to be effective due to the fact that they allow for expression and do not depend on verbal interaction. The PEACE counsellor considers the unique needs of each child and applies interventions and engagement accordingly.


Child and Youth Counselling Services support children and youth to :

Express and process feelings
Co-create safety plans
Identify support networks
Recognize their strengths and increase their self-confidence

Parent Support:

The child and youth counsellor can offer support to parents through consultation, referral, and family sessions.  Written and online resources are also available to parents by request.

Child and Youth Counselling Services are:

Individual or group based
Available at the IWS office in Daajing Giids and/or in the schools

Program Coordinator

Wendy Watts is a Music Therapist who has been working in the field of Music Therapy and Music Education for two decades. She received her Bachelors Degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University in 1995 and has worked in schools and hospital settings as well as in private practice. Wendy recently completed her Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology through Athabasca University in December 2022.
She uses expressive arts activities that appeal to her clients including music-making, visual arts, creative writing, movement and theatre activities. In addition to working in the counselling and education field, Wendy is a writer, composer and performing musician. She believes strongly that the use of expressive arts can provide a powerful way to communicate and release any conflicting thoughts or feelings. It also helps to create a fun opportunity for clients to develop mastery, awareness and self confidence.

For more info please email or call Wendy at 250-559-4767 or


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