Transformers: The Therapists of the Future

Transformers are with us now, steadily working toward humanity’s reawakening … They are here to remind us of our Essece, the Self we were intended to be before we lost our way. Transformers are the guides for the process of personal evolution through Self-creation – the inner work we do on ourselves that teaches us the crucial difference between personality and Essence – a process that leads us, step by step, to a realization of our Higher Self.

This book is written for you who are seeking a deeper understanding of the human process than you’ve been able to find in the education and treatment areas existing in our current programs. We travel in two worlds – the outer, materialized world, and an inner, invisible one. Our inner state of mind determines our outer life. Switching our focus from the Outer Life of Experience to the Inner World of Wisdom is the transformation process known as Self-creation.

ISBN: 978-0875165295

Author: Jacquelyn Small