The Relationship Garden

Drawing on more than 40 years of life and work together, McKeen and Wong examine relationships in the context of five recurring aspects: Romance, Power Struggle, Integration, Commitment, and Co-Creativity. They outline a model for communication that is remarkably effective in helping people understand both themselves and their partners and create intimate and honest relationships. With chapters on sexuality and family and a wide appreciation of all sorts of relationships – whether between lovers, friends, business partners or co-workers – Wong and McKeen offer sound and invigorating suggestions to help you thrive amidst the challenges of human relationship. Alongside Being: A Manual for Life, this book outlines the essentials of Wong and McKeen’s approach to life and relationships. Their philosophy is at the core of the programs taught at The Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, BC, co-founded by Wong and McKeen in 1983.

ISBN: 978-0978461843

Author: Jock McKeen and Bennet Wong