The Heart of Healing

This book recounts the true spiritual odyssey of professional teachers and therapists Bruce Davis and Genny Davis, who first meet in a dream and embark on a unique journey of self discovery and love. The story begins in California, where Bruce meets Doris, an Alaskan Shaman who initiates Bruce into the mysteries of psychic healing. Together with Genny, they explore the sacred world of humility, faith, and miracles. Their quest for knowledge leads them to the Philippines where the truth of Shamanistic wisdom, primitive healing, and a sincere spiritual path is disclosed to them.

All who celebrate the power of dreaming, trusting, and knowing that there is “something greater” and all who long to realize the higher purpose in themselves will find this book an illuminating and compassionate guide on their own journey of spiritual fulfillment.

ISBN: 978-0553342222

Author: Bruce Davis and Genny Davis