The Healthiest Kid in the Neighbourhood

Raising healthy kids is harder than it used to be. Fast-food restaurants are everywhere, junk food is served in schools, and high-risk sweeteners and trans fats abound in snacks marketed directly to children. Illnesses among children – from depression to diabetes, from limited attention span to cholesterol imbalance – have reached an all-time high, and this alarming situation can be directly linked to the foods kids eat. What’s a parent to do?

The Searses offer help. In The Healthiest Kid in the Neighbourhood, they present an eating plan that’s already proved effective for countless American families. Their book

  • identifies foods and eating habits that can counter or prevent many common illnesses
  • reveals how you can shape young tastes to crave healthy foods in the right proportions
  • provides the tools, the tips and the knowledge you need in virtually every nutritional circumstance – from dealing with a picky eater to curbing an adolescent’s junk-food cravings
  • draws on the latest research in biochemistry and nutrition science as it outlines steps you can take to guard your child against Nutritional Deficit Disorder

In the wise but accessible tone that has made theirs the most trusted voice in childcare, the Searses explain (with recipes) how parents can instill a healthy, balanced way of eating that will sest kids on the right track for life.

ISBN: 978-0316060127

Author: William Sears, Martha Sears, James Sears, and Robert Sears