The 6 Quantum Secrets to an Amazing Life

Finally, an answer for everyone who has wondered “Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for me?” “I’ve done everything I’m supposed to – how can I get it to work for me?” Maureen Kitchur is a world-class psychotherapist, trainer and consultant who specializes in detecting and solving the hidden brain, body and spirit problems that get in the way of manifesting wellness and abundance. In The 6 Quantum Secrets to an Amazing Life, she teaches you powerful, cutting-edge ways to overcome those impediments and roadblocks, and to produce a life beyond what you’ve dared to dream! Kitchur offers solutions to problems ranging from mood disorders and hormone problems to sexual problems to spiritual “stuckness.” Grounded in psychology, science and spirituality, Maureen Kitchur’s strategies are illustrated by inspiring true stories. She teaches the dynamic easy-to-use 6 Quantum Secrets, a process that will guide you to develop and achieve your highest intentions, produce wellness and manifest abundance. The 6 Quantum Secrets is endorsed by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and the Wisdom of Menopause.

ISBN: 978-0986575402

Author: Maureen Kitchur