The 12 Steps: A Way Out

A working guide for adult children from addictive and other dysfunctional families.

The first Twelve Step working guide that focuses specifically on issues common to Adult Children. It utilizes the Twelve Steps as a powerful tool for individuals who are seeking to identify and resolve painful issues from their childhoods.

Children raised in addictive and other dysfunctional families rarely develop a sense of personal security or genuine feelings of self-worth. Seldom feeling safe and loved as children, they are handicapped in their ability to feel whole or to give and receive love as adults.

This book offers a specific format for moving from isolation and denial to acceptance and competence in dealing with feelings of anger, guilt, fear and despair. By releasing the past and opening up to the present, individuals begin to develop confidence in the realization that they are valuable and worthwhile persons.

Using the principles of the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, the workbook uses a journal-writing format for individual use. Instructional materials are also included for groups to guide them through a 28-week healing journey towards a spiritual awakening.

ISBN: 978-0941405072

Author: Friends in Recovery