Take Your Soul to Work: Transform your Life and Work

In this unique and timely book, Tanis Helliwell explores the importance of personal transformation and how it relates to the work world by considering all elements of the human experience, including our spiritual nature. The need to nurture growth and potential has never been stronger as more people leave large businesses to start their own and as others find themselves underemployed or unhappy with their current jobs. Take Your Soul to Work is an optimistic and practical book that gives people the tools to regain direction over their personal and work lives.

People are still an organization’s greatest resource and developing their potential is key to long-term success. Take Your Soul to Work asks readers to consider how they can make their own lives, and in turn their work, more meaningful. The book leads them through a step-by-step self-assessment that helps to determine one’s true purpose and goals and then offers concrete methods to bring the soul-infused personality into the workplace.

In a simple, practical, no-nonsense style, Tanis Helliwell brings eternal spiritual laws down to earth. She teaches us how to fulfill our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs in our daily lives and work situations and, in turn, trigger positive transformation in ourselves and in others.

ISBN: 978-0679309581

Author: Tanis Helliwell