South Pacific (Blu-ray)

The Pacific Ocean is unimaginably vast. The distance between its islands can be huge – literally hundreds or thousands of miles – and yet, the Pacific is home to stunning natural beauty and an amazing abundance of some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. Beyond cliched images of swaying palms and idyllic beaches, this acclaimed series from the BBC and the Discovery Channel presents the real, immense, magnificent and astonishing South Pacific.

The high definition cameras used to film this series capture the amazing natural sights of the region and its people in stunning detail: from erupting undersea volcanoes to jewelled tropical reefs; from tiger sharks catching albatross chicks to giant crabs opening coconuts; from the Solomon islanders who fish with spider webs and kites to the Pentecost land divers who leap from 25-meter wooden scaffolds.

With incredible natural spectacles, dramatic footage and fascinating stories, South Pacific will change the way you view this ocean forever.