Sneaky Fitness: Fun Foolproof Ways to Slip Fitness into Your Child’s Everyday Life

New York Times bestselling author Missy Chase Lapine inspired legions of parents to “sneak” good food into their children’s meals with The Sneaky Chef. Now she extends her concept of “sneakiness” beyond the kitchen, by teaming up with fitness expert Larysa Didio to provide parents with “Sneaky Strategies” for fitting in more exercise and calorie-burning activities into their child’s daily routine. Sneaky Fitness will include:
– Age-appropriate exercises and games to get any resistant little exerciser up and moving (with targeted chapters for preschoolers, grade-school kids, and ‘tweens)
– Tips on specific toys and games that encourage exercise
– More healthy (and sneaky) recipes for fueling newly-active kidsLike the other Sneaky Chef books, Sneaky Fitness is a revolutionary way for parents to improve their family’s health-one sneaky day at a time!

ISBN: 978-0762437955

Author: Missy Chase Lapine and Larysa Didio