Recovering from Rape

If you have been sexually assaulted, you are probably experiencing a mix of fear, anger, and depression. If you are a relative, friend, or lover of someone who has been assaulted, you too may be deeply affected by the incident and by the survivor’s reaction to it. However, working together, survivors and their loved ones can recover and may even be able to turn the recovery into an opportunity for positive change and growth.

The experiences of survivors recounted throughout this book reassure readers that others have pulled through. Dr. Ledray helps survivors realize that no matter what they did―wore a low-cut blouse, accepted a ride from a stranger, invited an acquaintance home―they did not deserve to be raped. She guides them from guilt or disbelief through bitterness and despair to the decision to take back control of their lives.

In addition, this comprehensive handbook explains what to expect at the police station, at the hospital, and, if necessary, in court. It covers such health issues as incest, STD treatments, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and legal information on prosecution and bail, DNA testing, and rape law.

An essential resource, Recovering from Rape helps readers learn the most effective ways of dealing with their feelings immediately following an assault, during the subsequent few months, and beyond.

ISBN: 978-0805029284

Author: Linda E Ledray