Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulders

Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulders is the story of Jan Grey, a woman who survived childhood sexual assault and a life of self-destruction to become an outstanding, courageous woman: one of the founding members of SARA “Sexual Assault Recovery Anonymous” Society.

Written with warmth and sensitivity by co-authors Jan Grey and Eliza Moorhouse, RAINBOW follows Jan’s struggle as she tries to be a good mother, survive a series of abusive relationships, overcome drug and alcohol addictions and recapture her lost childhood, epitomized by nightmares of a child in a dark forest.

Rough and tender, Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulders is one woman’s desperate fight for life. The background is Vancouver ,BC, the opening chapter the depression years of the thirties.

A riveting read.

ISBN: 978-1895170146

Author: Jan Grey and Eliza Moorhouse