Magnetic Dress-Up Dolls – Billy, Joey and Elise

Includes – Princess Elise, Billy and Joey Dress-Up Kits

Her Highness, Princess Elise is a delightful magnetic wooden dress-up doll with a treasure trove of outfits. This set includes a magnetic wooden doll with a wooden stand and lots of colourful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories for pretend play.

Whatever role he’s playing, Billy can be suitably attired! Whether it’s a police officer, a super hero, a knight, fireman, a construction worker, or a pirate, this adventurous kid is ready to go at a moment’s notice. This set includes a magnetic wooden dress-up figure with a wooden stand and magnetic clothing pieces for pretend play!

The Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pretend Play Joey Dress-Up Kit provides hours of dress-up doll fun! Each set includes 1 magnetic wooden doll and 1 durable stand. Mix and match the 26 pieces of magnetic clothing for just the right adventurous look! With the Melissa and Doug Dress-Up Kit, Joey will be ready for any heroic adventure!