One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy recaptures the bittersweet depression days in fifty short stories by Mary Cook.

The scene is a rural farm in the 1930s where the Hanneman family, with grace, good humour and affection, struggle to make ends meet. Mary, the youngest of five children which included older sister, Audrey, and three rambunctious brothers – Emerson, Earl and Everett – combines memory and imagination to recreate the days when clothing was made from flour bags and entertainment was made by getting together with neighbours in the kitchen for a song and a story.

A wonderful cast of characters passed through the Hanneman’s kitchen during those hard times: mischievous cousin Ronny from Montreal who always had a better way to get into trouble; Old Herman, the walking Farmer’s Almanac; Granny Hines, the next-door neighbour who gave advice on everything from prayers to ghosts; and young Mary’s nemesis, the uppity Marguerite, who wore that most prized possession, store-bought underwear. Mary Book brings them all to life again in One for Sorrow, Two for Joy.

ISBN: 978-0888791108

Author: Mary Cook

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