My Daddy is a Pretzel

This picture book revolves around children participating in a yoga class and discussing their parents’ occupations. For each job – gardener, veterinarian, architect – a corresponding pose is demonstrated – tree, dog, triangle. Stylized watercolor illustrations alternate between spreads showing people at work and an assortment of smaller paintings that break the poses into several steps, along with simple instructions. Introductory paragraphs for each posture attempt to relay the underlying philosophy, with varying success. “The tree pose teaches us to support ourselves with strong roots, so that we can reach high and remain stable, yet be flexible, at the same time” is straightforward enough for young children to grasp. However, the explanation for the plow pose is a bit more obtuse: “Like the plow that turns the soil over to make way for new growth, this pose teaches us that overturning old ways of seeing things sets the ground for inner growth.” With warmth and charm, this offering gently encourages young readers, along with their parents, to give yoga a try just for enjoyment.

ISBN: 978-1846868993

Author: Baron Baptiste