Menopause Naturally

In the past 15 years there has been a revolution in our understanding of menopuse; I am happy to have contributed to it with my book, Menopause Naturally.Women have claimed this important transition as a time to be understood, to be managed with health and humor, and even celebrated. They have formed innumerable support groups, gone to lectures, quizzed their doctors, and read books on the subject. Women anthropologists have looked into the evolutionary value of menopause, its different manifestations in various cultures, and its advantages as well as its discomforts. Scientist have done considerable research on the medical implications of using hormones as well as alternative methods of symptom relief and health promotion. And there is more to come! As our understanding of menpause increases, so does our value in the world as midlife women who have experience, strength and wisdom to bring to a troubled world.

ISBN: 978-1884244056

Author: Sadja Greenwood