Making the Connections: Women, Work and Abuse

Traditional approaches have failed women lost in the maze of abuse and violence. Murphy, an award-winning rehabilitationist and advocate (and abuse survivor), strives to ensure that the real people are not lost in examining abuse issues. She challenges readers to examine their perceptions and stereotypes, while recommending a plan of action to radically alter how services are provided to survivors.
Included are eleven first-person accounts of rape, incest, prostitution, verbal and emotional-as well as-physical abuse as told in the exact words of the survivors. Each story is followed by concrete recommendations and thoughts on assisting the individual in their return to work, their efforts within the rehabilitation, welfare, medical, and legal systems.
Making the Connections contains different plans of action to radically alter how survivors can be helped by both the health care and rehabilitation communities. Murphy provides alternatives for bringing the survivor of physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse back into society through reestablishment of their work identity.

ISBN: 978-1878205650

Author: Patricia Murphy