Love Your Disease: It’s Keeping You Healthy

Love Your Disease is a safe, forgiving, and gentle inquiry into how we can help ourselves, and help our medical attendant help us. The book signposts a personal inquiry that identifies those features of our personality and our upbringing, which continue to cause us physical and psychological problems. It provides tools to enable you to heal yourself and nurture your own personal growth.

In his travels around the world, Dr. Harrison learned that the connection between cause and cure goes well beyond the mechanical explanations of modern medicine. To find the cause and cure of disease, the patient’s entire state of being must be embraced. Our personality, fears, aspirations, and past trauma all play a role in our current suffering. Identifying the factors underlying our disease enables us to make use of the factors to resolve the disease. Nature is then free to heal us.

ISBN: 978-1539645344

Author: John Harrison