Legends of the Old Massett Haida

In July 2005 the people of Old Massett retold the ancient stories of creation, lessons and values for a preservation project by CBC Radio and the Haida Heritage and Repatriation Society. The team worked closely with fluent speakers of X╠▓aad Kil to record these legends in their original oral form. Haidas from Old Massett were chosen to read the parts of the mythical or ancient characters in this collection of five stories. The stories were then mixed with the actual sounds – ravens, eagles, frogs, ocean, wind and rain – found on Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. The dramatizations of these Haida legends were recorded in the Dii Tuulang Naay Family Center in Old Massett. This is the home of the Language Nest – a group of dedicated parents and elders, attempting to rejuvenate the Haida language for future generations.