Learning Language and Loving It

This beautifully illustrated guidebook provides a step-by-step approach to promoting children’s social, language and literacy development in child care, preschool and other early childhood settings. This second edition, updated with the most current research in the field, is geared to a wide range of needs, from children at the earliest stages of nonverbal communication development to those who can speak in complex sentences. Professionals who work in early childhood settings will find the practical, interactive strategies outlined in this book invaluable i helping children – including those whose language and/or social skills are delayed or at risk – to interact and communicate with their teachers and peers during everyday interactions. Learning Language and Loving It is an outstanding resources for teachers, speech-language pathologists and other professionals who work with young children and who are responsible for creating learning environments that maximize children’s language, social and literacy skills.

ISBN: 978-0921145189

Author: Elaine Weitzman and Janice Greenberg