Jason and the Sea Otter

This delightful story of a Nootka boy, his explorations in nature, and the sea otter who saves his life, is now available in paperback!

In this contemporary tale, Jason discovers the return of the sea otter to his West Coast village. One day, while fishing in his dugout canoe, Jason sees a dark furry head with black eyes and a grey whiskery muzzle bobbing among the weeds. Fascinated, he spends many hours with his canoe tied to the kelp bed, watching the sea otter. One day Jason leans too far over in his canoe and falls into the water. The canoe has come loose from where he tied it and, and a strong current is carrying it away from him. But something prevents the canoe from drifting away.

ISBN: 1-55017-162-3

Author: Joe Barber-Starkey