Infertility: A Guide for the Childless Couple

One out of every six American couples of childbearing age has learned the painful reality of infertility. They are facing a life crisis that may shake their most basic concepts of sexuality, self-image and self-esteem. They hope for pregnancy and are looking for answers.

Barbara Eck Menning, in this revised second edition of Infertility: A Guide for the childless Couple, offers these couples the latest medical information on the subject and the support they need to face their feelings. Menning overs all the reasons for female and male infertility and the medical and psychological approaches to managing it. She uncovers what is fact and what is myth, hat hurts and what helps. The infertile couples will find that they are not alone, and that numerous alternatives to traditional childbearing are available.

ISBN: 978-0134643304

Author: Barbara Eck Menning