I is for Inuksuk

Highlighting the traditional way of life of Canada’s Inuit people, I is for Inuksuk is a visual masterpiece from award-winning artist Mary Wallace. Each letter of the word “inuksuk” is represented in an acrostic poem by another Inuktitut word, which, together with Wallace’s original paintings, creates a wondrous overview of life in the Arctic. Dramatic full-color illustrations begin each section and readers will delight in seeing how words are written in Inuktitut symbols (one of the official languages of Nunavut). Turn the page to find that the author delves further into the meaning of each Inuktitut word by showing how it is connected with the people and natural environment. Here, Wallace showcases her love and expertise of the Arctic landscape and culture in small vignettes and simple, easy-to-read text. Themes such as Arctic clothing, animals, and travel are explored. For added enjoyment, readers can look for the inuksuit hidden in each section, then turn to the final page in the book to find additional information on the different types of inuksuit and the messages they give. Also included is a pronunciation guide to help readers sound out Inuktitut words.

ISBN: 978-1897349571

Author: Mary Wallace