I Come As a Brother

“I Come As a Brother” to remind you of the necessity to understand that all of creativeness is equal. The concept on the earth plane and other levels of reality that states that there are some creatures with less God in them than others is an illusion. You share equality with all of the great Beings that you have given power to whether here now or in the past, seen or unseen.

I come to remind you that you have always been a part of the Source, so that you can say within your being: “Ah, I remember, I have never been separate. Love is always here, pulsating through all that I do. And all m pain isn’t because I am not loved, but because I forgot that I could Love” Love is not an abstraction, it is a quality of Being that exists in everyone in equal measure. It can be activated at any time by the conscious will that says “I Choose to Love.” The Law of Love will show you clearly the actions, the words and the thoughts that you need to perform or think. All the rest is just A Remembrance of Illusions. This is all man needs to know – you can trust the Love because it carries the Law.

ISBN: 978-1561703852

Author:  Bartholomew