Holding Back: Why We Hide the Truth About Ourselves

This dynamic guide to self-disclosure will enable you to understand the patterns of withholding and give you a step-by-step plan for change. By focusing on the need to acknowledge and then set aside past conflicts and old wounds, it explains how mixed messages from childhood can operate in adult life, preventing you from finding the closeness you seek. Providing a blueprint for turning those messages around, Holding Back reveals ays to open up, enhance relationships, and alleviate the pain of isolation.

With compassion and frankness, Marie Lindquist shows how you can become more honest with yourself and more open to others. Her compelling discussion encourages you to begin taking risks slowly, one by one, and teaches the skill of self=disclosure that leads toward self-acceptance, self-confidence, spontaneity, joy, love and a sense of purpose in life.

ISBN: 978-0894864193

Author: Marie Lindquist