Grimm’s Large WaterWaves Stacker

Large Water Waves Stacker is a unique, clever and versatile Waldorf-inspired stacking and nesting puzzle/toy, hand carved from a single piece of wood. These nesting waves represent the element of Water. Made in Europe by German company Grimm’s, this beautiful handcrafted wooden sculptural toy is suitable for all ages (from 1 year+). It is gently dyed with certified non toxic, water-based stains in varying shades of blue (no worrisome paints or varnishes are used). Each wavy piece can be played with in countless creative ways or in combination with other wooden building blocks your child already has. Especially fun when combined with any of the other Nature’s “Elements” Stackers from Grimm’s, which include the Large Rainbow (“Air”), Stone Caves (“Earth”), Flames (“Fire”) and Little Flower.

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