Don’t: A Woman’s Word

“The book you are about to read is unlike anything that has ever been written. This is a courageous, exemplary book written by an extraordinary woman, an incest survivor. It is the story of a heroine who moves forward word by word, into her memory and into her story, and who risks it all with every sentence, every image.

“Don’t is a book that reminds us just how much sexual violence, whatever its form (incest, rape, pornography, flashing, verbal harassment), is not only a repeated assassination of our vitality, our dignity, and our creativity, but also a way for men to occupy our lives, in the same way one ‘occupies’ a country.

“Elly Danica is without a doubt more a fighter than a survivor. She discovered within herself a way to find the thread and the colour of life. Day after day, she patiently wove her life together until the courage came to speak, and one day the strength to be able to write.”

ISBN: 978-0921881056

Author: Elly Danica