Children Exposed to Violence

In the past decade, children’s exposure to violence has attracted more public interest and media attention than ever before. But addressing this problem will take more than concern and news coverage — it will require a comprehensive, focused research agenda. That’s the goal of this timely, much-needed resource, which brings current research together, identifies gaps in our understanding of the effects of exposure to violence on children, and sets a direction for future research to support interventions and violence prevention. Focusing on three major types of violence — domestic violence, community violence, and war and terrorism — two dozen foremost authorities discuss and assess

  • up-to-date statistics and research on the prevalence of each type of violence in the lives of children from birth to age 17
  • the ways each type of violence might affect a child’s physical health, psychological well-being, social development, and academic achievement
  • promising interventions and programs for working with children exposed to violence
  • current and emerging public policies that address the issue of violence in the lives of children with and without disabilities
  • recommendations for future research and public policy that would support best practices

An essential resource for researchers, students, decision makers, and practitioners, this book will give readers the insight they need to work toward violence prevention and develop more evidence-based interventions for children and families. Clear, accessible, and compelling, this important book brings us closer to solving one of today’s most prominent social problems.

ISBN: 978-1557668042

Author: Margaret M. Feerick and Gerald B Silverman