Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused: Fiction from Today’s China

Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused is a showcase for 20 writers from the new literary generation in China. Hard-core realism, experimental prose, and black humor; exoticism and eroticism;shocking tales of brutality, tender evocations of love, and engrossing mysteries all coexist in an anthology that spans nearly a decade, ten years that have witnessed a dizzying array of societal and political changes. Almost all of the stories appear in English translation for the first time. Includes Shi Tiesheng, ‘First Person’; Hong Ying, ‘The Field’; Su Tong, ‘The Brothers Shu’; Wang Meng, ‘A String of Choices’; Li Rui, ‘Sham Marriage’; Duo Duo, ‘The Day I Got to Xi’an’; Chen Ran, ‘Sunshine Between the Lips’; Li Xiao, ‘Grass on the Rooftop’; Yu Hua, The Past and the Punishments’; Mo Yan, ‘The Cure’; Ai Bei, ‘Green Earth Mother’; Cao Naiqian, ‘When I Think of You Late at Night, There’s Nothing I Can Do’; Can Xue, ‘The Summons’; Bi Feiyu, ‘The Ancestor’; Yang Zhengguang, ‘Moonlight over theField of Ghosts’; Ge Fei, ‘Remembering Mr. Wu You’; Chen Cun, ‘Footsteps on the Roof’; Chi Li, ‘Willow Waist’; Kong Jiesheng, ‘The Sleeping Lion’; Wang Xiangfu, ‘Fritter Hollow Chronicles.’

ISBN: 978-0802134493

Edited by Howard Goldblatt