Brain Wellness

This exciting self-help guide book reveals the secrets of brain wellness. It is full of easy to understand ideas and practical information that will motivate you to become your own brain coach. As you age, your brain can either grow and expand, or shrink and decay. The choice is yours! Gary is one of the top Brain-Based Learning facilitators in British Columbia today. He has been a certified facilitator since 1997, receiving on-going training from the Jensen Learning Corporation, a world leader in teacher training in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience. Gary has over 30 years of classroom experience in Learning Assistance, Peer Tutoring, Gifted/Enrichment and Study Skills, at the high school level in Canada and Australia. He has presented Professional Development workshops to thousands of teachers, support staff, students and parents in over 40 BC school districts.

ISBN: 978-0921138020

Author: Gary Anaka