Beyond Don’t: Dreaming Past the Dark

In this, her long-awaited second book, Elly Danica addresses the multi-layered reality of child sexual abuse. In the process, she candidly shares her life, her struggles and her insights. She writes about the reactions she has encountered since telling her story: from support and admiration to disbelief and disdain. She reflects on her family and in particular her relationship with her mother. And by lending once again her unwavering voice to speak the truth, she responds powerfully to the backlash against survivors.

With honesty and insight, Elly Danica has continued her inspiring story of surviving and dealing with child sexual abuse. Beyond Don’t is a candid reflection on the reactions Elly Danica has experienced since first telling her story in Don’t: A Woman’s Word. It is a revealing reflection on her family, her mother, the media, and the survivor’s movement today.

ISBN: 978-0921881407

Author: Elly Danica