Best of Rebelle Society Vol. 1: Celebrating the Art of Being Alive

We are living in a time of unprecedented restlessness and seeking. We are constantly bombarded with an excess of tainted, fear-filled and manipulated information, and the more we observe and absorb, the less we understand and the less we are inclined to discover and share our creative energy and individual truths.

In this obsolete regime, a new kind of Renaissance is emerging, running on Creativity and rebelling against the stagnant status quo through the unveiling of unique powers — individuals doing what they can with what they have, right here and now. This Creative Renaissance is made of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission and vision: that of becoming their own living work of art and changing the world, from the inside out, through inspiration, amplified expression and a relentlessly evolving consciousness.

This is among the first hybrid compilation that combine New Media in a Book Format, and a first selected volume of the best articles published on — a revolutionary online magazine founded in September 2012 — during its first year of life. This compilation brings together different voices from around the world with the purpose of unleashing, discovering, healing and celebrating life in all its wholeness, whoever you are, whatever happened to you, and wherever you want to go next.

This power-infused book consists of actionable, bullshit proof, selected wisdom served in digestible bites, from real people with authentic, crazy, messy lives, who have engaged in the greatest quest: that of becoming their own creators, gurus, artists, love warriors, healers, best friends, alchemists and life curators. It builds a bridge between the old and the new, the classic and the ultra-modern, the past and the future and into the Now that you are holding in your hands. This book invites and empowers individuals to connect with unique creators around the world and to have a conversation about creativity as a revolutionary force.

ISBN: 978-1494399658