At the Edge of the Body

Erica Jong, in her first collection of poems in four years, moves into territory beyond the earthly realism that led Louis Untermeyer to characterize her as “our female Chaucer”. In this new gathering of poems, she writes of meditation and religious longing, of the difficulty of grasping the idea of our own deaths, of the spirit trapped in the body and longing to get out. (“Flesh is merely a lesson/We learn it/& pass it on).

But there are also satirical poems here, poems about animals, about the occupation of the poet, about crisscrossing the American continent in search of something elusive called “home” and about men, women and the ever-perilous “Truce Between the Sexes”.

At the Edge of the Body shows once again the dazzling combination of wit, accessibility, and insight into the human condition that has made Erica Jong one the few serious American poets whose work is also extremely popular both here and abroad.

ISBN: 978-0030492013

Author: Erica Jong

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