All My Relations: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Native Fiction

A landmark anthology, All My Relations provides an exciting range of fiction by a selection of some of Canada’s most talented contemporary Native writers. Edited by Thomas King, the book will put aside any preconceived notions of Native writing and instead open up a new and vibrant world of literature.

Included are short stories and excerpts from novels – and a scene from The Rez Sisters by award-winning playwrite Tomson Highway – by nineteen writers, including: Harry Robsinon, Jeanette Armstrong, BAsil Johnston, Ruby Slipperjack, Daniel David Moses, J.B. Joe, Joan Crate, Thomas King, Jovette Marchessault.

While all the selections possess a timeless, universal quality, the majority are informed by asepcts of traditional ative culture. Others focus on Indians in a contemporary world. Still others have wandered past these boundaries together.

Thomas King’s introduction provides invaluable insight into this multi-faceted literature. He explodes the common myths nd misunderstandings, and discusses both the shared aspects of Native fiction and the diversity and potential of writing which translates a traditional culture into contemporary literary form.

Thomas King is a novelist and short story writer. For the past ten years he has taught Native Studies at the University of Lethbridge.

ISBN: 978-0771067068

Edited By Thomas King